Monday, May 3, 2010

Missed my Train!

I had a great time this weekend! I got to stay with my family, and I watched How to Train Your Dragon with my younger brother and two friends who haven't seen it yet!

I also got to play a healthy amount of video games. But most importantly, I had the opportunity to see my brother's last high school performance which was pretty awesome, especially in the parts where he sang with his group.

He has some insane singing skills.

But I missed my train to head back this morning, meaning I'll leave at a later train. I guess I miss my dance class today...

But I heard my film was a success too. I have to say that I'm completely surprised and honored at the reaction. I really couldn't have done it without your constant support and help.

I'm still kind of in disbelief! I want to check it out for sure once I get back.

But congratulations to those that got into the Producer's Show! All your hard work and dedication paid off, and I'm proud of all of you guys for completing a bad ass film.

You deserve any recognition and praise you get!

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