Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The World of Elements

I promised to explain the fifteen elements around a week ago, so I'm overdue. These are the fundamental elements to me in my imaginary world. I'm fascinated by how the world is made, from the four or five elements known in cultural teachings, or how it's scientifically dissected.

As a bit of back story, I made them up when I was in fourth grade, and they've grown and changed as I have. Each element has stood on its own against the test of time.

This is what the elements do as groups:

Air: Expands molecules to become gas structures
Water: Expands or contracts molecules to become a liquid
Solid: Contracts molecules to become solid

Light: Produces light energy
Dark: Takes light energy

Heat: Giving of (thermal) energy to make something warm
Cold: Taking of (thermal) energy to make something cold

Earth: The ability to change molecular structures to form different materials; Alchemy.
Bio: Molding organic structures.

Conduction: The pushing and pulling of magnetic fields
Psi: Warping space to control gravitational fields.
Current: Weaving directional influence with any element.

Time: Controlling time continuum.
Mind: Tapping into neural bonds.
Spirit: The supernatural.

But, I have organized them in this list by my personal colors that are associated to their nature:

Light [White]
Air [Off-White]
Mind [Light Magenta]
Heat [Red]
Earth [Muted Brown]
Time [Orange]
Conduction [Yellow]
Bio [Green]
Cold [Light Blue]
Water [Sapphire]
Current [Lavender]
Psi [Purple]
Solid [Steel]
Spirit [Translucent Silver-White]
Dark [Black]

I hope it makes sense to you guys.

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